Nerf Laser Ops Pro repair

A few weeks ago we purchased two of the dual pack Alphapoint blasters of the Nerf Laser Ops Pro series.  The first box everything worked flawlessly, so we assumed the second did as well.  After a few rounds of play my son mentioned that his blaster would not take fire.  We tested this on all of the blasters and sure enough, his would only register a hit if you physically hit it on the side before being shot by the infrared beams of death.

Now down to the workbench to figure out what was going on.  We first dismantled the blaster by removing the phillips head screws.

We then carefully pried off the white portion of the blaster to reveal the insides.

You will notice the multicolored ribbon going from the pcb board on the upper right to the receiver on top of the barrel.  Disconnect this and slide the receiver out.  When we inspected this unit we notice that one of the solder joints was not broken, it was simply not soldered at all!

The joint in question is at the tip of the spudger below.  A quick dab of solder and putting everything back together resulted in a working Alphapoint blaster.